Canonical List of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas Variations
Version 2007.1
January 7, 2007

Compiled by: Matthew Monroe

Archived at:

Contains 849 versions of the classic poem, including headers from most of the posts and credits when available. The versions range from innocent and cute to vulgar and obscene, so read at your own discretion. This is now a static collection, gathered from newsgroups, Google Groups, and Deja News between 1997 and 2010.


The versions are listed in the order of the short name I use to organize them. Additionally, I list the title of poem and the year that it is first known to have appeared in print or on the internet.

Part 1
Short titleLong TitleYear
AfterChanukah Month After Chanukah1998
AfterChristmas1 Day After Christmas1994
AfterChristmas2 Night After Christmas1998
AfterChristmas3 Day After Christmas2000
AfterChristmas4 Night After Christmas (4)2002
AFU(AltFolkloreUrban) Alt.Folklore.Urban Night Before Christmas1998
Airplane Aviation Night Before Christmas2002
Airplane2 Aviator's Night Before Christmas2002
AirWarrior Alt.Games.Air-Warrior Night Before Christmas1997
Al2K(WeirdAlYankovic) Night Before AL2K (Alt.Music.Weird-Al)1999
AltAdoption Alt.Adoption Night Before New Years1999
AltAlien1 Alt.Alien Night Before Christmas (1)2001
AltAlien2 Alt.Alien Night Before Christmas (2)2001
AltAndy Alt.Andy Night Before Christmas 1998
AltArtsPoetryComments1 Alt.Arts.Poetry.Comments Night Before Christmas (1)2001
AltArtsPoetryComments2 Alt.Arts.Poetry.Comments Night Before Christmas (1)2002
AltBadClams1 Alt.Bad.Clams Bivalves Night Before Christmas1997
AltBadClams2 Alt.Bad.Clams Tide Before ClamChat2002
AltBaldspot Alt.Baldspot Dr. Primeau Night Before Christmas2002

Part 2
Short titleLong TitleYear
AltCuddle1 Alt.Cuddle Night Before Christmas (1)1998
AltCuddle2 Alt.Cuddle Night Before Christmas (2)2003
AltDisneyDisneyland Alt.Disney.Disneyland Night Before Christmas1998
AltDrugsHard Alt.Drugs.Hard Night Before Christmas2004
AltFanAdmiralTwin Alt.Fan.Admiral-Twin Night Before Christmas2001
AltFanConanObrien1 Alt.Fan.Conan-OBrien Night Before Christmas1998
AltFanConanObrien2 Alt.Fan.Conan-OBrien Night Before Christmas2001
AltFanDaveBarry(CMOT) Alt.Fan.Dave_Barry (CMOT) Night Before Yuletide2000
AltFanHowardStern Alt.Fan.Howard-Stern Night Before Christmas2002
AltFanJamesBond Alt.Fan.James-Bond Night Before Christmas1998
AltFanKeanuReeves Alt.Fan.Keanu-Reeves Night Before Christmas1997
AltFanLandmark Alt.Fan.Landmark Night Patrick Posted1997
AltFanSailorMoon Alt.Fan.Sailor-Moon Negaverse Christmas1997
AltFanSailorMoon2 Alt.Fan.Sailor-Moon Night Before Christmas1997
AltFlameJesus Alt.Flame.Jesus Night Before Christmas1999
AltGamesHalf-LifeCounterstrike Half-Life CounterStrike Night Before Christmas2001
AltGamesLucasArtsMonkeyIsland Alt.Games.Lucas-Arts.Monkey-Island Night Before Christmas2002

Part 3
Short titleLong TitleYear
AltGossipRoyalty Alt.Gossip.Royalty Night Before Christmas 1998
AltGuineaPigConspiracy Night Before the Guinea Pig Conquest1996
AltGuitarAmps(ElvisPaisley) Alt.Guitar.Amps Night Before Christmas2001
AltMoviesMonsters Alt.Movies.Monsters Night Before Christmas1997
AltMusicPearlJam Alt.Music.Pearl-Jam Night Before Christmas2001
AltMusicPink-Floyd Alt.Music.Pink-Floyd Night Before Christmas1997
AltMusicRush Alt.Music.Rush Night Before Christmas2003
AltNYPDBlue Alt.TV.Nypd-Blue Night Before Christmas2002
AltPaganAnnoyingPoster Alt.Pagan Annoying Poster2002
AltRasap Alt.Rasap Night Before Christmas2002
AltReligionBuddhism1 Alt.Religion.Buddhism.Nichiren Night Before Christmas (1)1998
AltReligionBuddhism2 Alt.Religion.Buddhism.Nichiren Night Before Christmas (2)1999
AltReligionBuddhism3 Alt.Religion.Buddhism.Nichiren Night Before Christmas (3)2001
AltReligionBuddhism4 Alt.Religion.Buddhism.Nichiren Night Before Christmas (4)2002
AltReligionScientology Alt.Religion.Scientology Night Before Christmas2002
AltRomance Alt.Romance Night Before Christmas1998
AltSlackXDay1 Alt.Slack Night Before X-Day1996
AltSlackXDay2 Alt.Slack Night Before X-Day1996
AltSmokersCigars Alt.Smokers.Cigars Night Before Christmas1999
AltSmokersPipes Alt.Smokers.Pipes Night Before Christmas 2001

Part 4
Short titleLong TitleYear
AltSolipsismNightBeforeCrimmas Alt.Solipsism Night Before Crimmas2002
AltSportLasertag1 Loaf's "Night before Christmas" (on Alt.Sport.LaserTag)2002
AltSportLasertag2 Alt.Sport.LaserTag Night Before Christmas2003
AltSportsGymnastics Alt.Sports.Gymnastics Night Before Christmas1998
AltSuicideHoliday Alt.Suicide.Holiday Night Before Christmas2002
AltSupportArthritis Alt.Support.Arthritis Night Before Christmas1997
AltSupportDepressionVistFromStBernard A Visit From St. Bernard (on Alt.Support.Depression)2002
AltSupportEatingDisorders Alt.Support.Eating-disorder Night Before Christmas1997
AltSupportTinnitus1 Alt.Support.Tinnitus Night Before Christmas (1)1997
AltSupportTinnitus2 Alt.Support.Tinnitus Night Before Christmas (2)1997
AltSurfing1 Alt.Surfing Night Before Christmas (1)2001
AltSurfing2 Alt.Surfing Night Before Christmas (2)2002
AltTastelessJokes Alt.Tasteless.Jokes Night Before Christmas1998
AltTheBirdCopWatch Alt.TheBird.CopWatch Night Before Christmas2003
AltTrueCrime Nan's Night Before Christmas (on Alt.True-Crime)2002
AltWarVietnam Alt.War.Vietnam Night Before Christmas1997
AntiqueArtDealer Antique Art Appraisers Night Before Christmas 2000
AOL AOL Night Before Christmas1997
ApocalypseBeforeChristmas Apocalypse before Christmas1997

Part 5
Short titleLong TitleYear
Appalachian1 Appalachia Night Before Christmas (1)1998
Appalachian2 Appalachia Night Before Christmas (2)1998
Appalachian3 Appalachia Night Before Christmas (3)1998
Arkansas1 An Arkansas Christmas (1)1997
Arkansas2 An Arkansas Christmas (2)2002
ArtsIntFiction Night Before Comp Games (Rec.Arts.Int-fiction)2003
Assembly Night Before Assembly (Some Assembly Required)1997
Astronomy Twas the Week Before Solstice (Astronomy)2002
AT&T AT&T Night Before Christmas2000
ATFRaid Night Before by the ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms Bureau)2000
Atheist Twas Two Days Past Solstice (Pestering proselytizers)2002
Attorney1 Attorney's Night Before Christmas (1)1960
Attorney2 Attorney's Night Before Christmas (2)1990's
Auction Auction of Original Manuscript1997
Auditors Auditors Night Before Christmas2000
AusmotianMotorcycle Aus.Motorcycles Night Before Christmas1997
Aviation Aviation Night Before Christmas1997

Part 6
Short titleLong TitleYear
AVLV(AltVacationLasVegas) Night Before Christmas in Alt.Vacation.Las-Vegas1998
AWCUSA(AltWarCivilUSA) Night Before Christmas in Alt.War.Civil.Usa1996
BackstreetBoys Backstreet Boys Night Before Christmas1998
BarquePictonCastle Night Before Christmas on the Barque Picton Castle2001
Baseball(Braves) Atlanta Braves Curse of the Murph1997
Baseball Night Before Christmas in Major League Baseball2001
Basic Night Before Basic in Alt.Fan.Landmark1997
Basketball(Jayhawks) Jayhawk Night Before Christmas1990's
Basketball(Spurs) Night Before Spurs NBA Finals1997
Basketball(UNC) Night Before UNC Basketball1997
Basketball Basketball Legends Night Before Christmas2004
BC3K BC3K Night Before Christmas1997
BeanieBabies Beanie Babies Two Weeks Before Christmas2003
Beatles Beatles Magical Mystery Yule2006
Beatnik Beatnik Christmas1950's
Beavis Beavis and Butthead Night Before Christmas1998

Part 7
Short titleLong TitleYear
BelliniDay Night Before Bellini Day2000
Bestiality Bestiality Night Before Christmas1997
BicycleRacing Rec.Bicycles.Racing Night Before Christmas2004
Bicycling1 Cycling Night Before Christmas1995
Bicycling2 Bicycling Night Before Christmas2004
Billiards1 Billiards Night Before Christmas (1)2003
Billiards2 Billiards Night Before Christmas (2)2003
Birds1 Bird's Night before Christmas1998
Birds2 Bird Breeder's Night Before Christmas2003
BlessedChristmas Blessed Night Before Christmas2000
BlueOysterCult Blue Oyster Cult Night Before Christmas1998
Bobster Bobster's Night Before Christmas1950's
BookloversDream Booklover's Christmas Dream2004
Boomers Boomers Night Before Christmas1997
BowelExplosion1 Tuscaloosa Christmas Eve (Explosive Bowel Movements)2002
BowelExplosion2 Mall Food Night Before Christmas (Explosive Bowel Movements)2002

Part 8
Short titleLong TitleYear
Bowling1 The Night Before The Bowler's Christmas, Part I1998
Bowling2 The Night Before The Bowler's Christmas, Part II2000
Bowling3 The Night Before The Bowler's Christmas, Part III2001
Boxing1 Boxing Night Before Christmas (1)2000
Boxing2 Boxing Night Before Christmas (2)2000
BradPitt Brad Pitt Night Before Christmas1998
Breakfast(AltTwoEggsSausageEtc) Breakfast Night Before Christmas1998
BrettMeisner(MusicCritic) Brett Meisner Night Before Christmas (Rock and Roll Music Critic)2003
Bronx Bronx Night Before Christmas1990's
Brooklyn1 Booklyn Night Before Christmas1997
Brooklyn2 Brooklyn Night Before Christmas (2)1998
Brooklyn3 Brooklyn Night Before Christmas (3)1998
Brooklyn4 Brooklyn Night Before Christmas (by Rob Bartlett)1998
BuhShit Night Before Christmas in Buh.Shit2001
Bullis Night Before Bullis2002
Cajun De Night Before Christmas (Cajun Style)1993
Cambodian Twas the Night Before Christmas (Cambodian Version)2004
CanadianFootball(GreyCup) Night Before Grey Cup (Canadian Football)1998

Part 9
Short titleLong TitleYear
CarClassicCruizers Night Before The Cruizers X-Mas2003
CarCorvette Corvette Night Before Christmas2001
CarDCSaturn DC Saturn Night Before Christmas1997
CarDiesel Diesel Car Night Before Christmas2003
CarMechanic Tommy Joe's Night before the Big Race1998
CarMercedesBenz Mercedes Benz Night Before Christmas2002
CarStudebaker1 Studebaker Night Before Christmas (1)1998
CarStudebaker2 Studebaker Night Before Christmas (2)2001
CarStudebaker3 Studebaker Night Before Christmas (3)2002
CarWhiteTornado White Tornado Night Before Christmas2003
Casino T'was the Nite in the Casino1990's
Chanukah1 Night before Chanukah1990's
Chanukah2 Night before Chanukah (2)1997
Chanukah3 Night before Chanukah (3)1997
Chanukah4 Night before Chanukah in Soc.Genealogy.Jewish1997
Chanukah5 Night before Chanukah (5)1998
Chanukah6 Night before Hanukkah (Chanukah) (6)2002
Chemistry Chemistry Night Before Christmas1995
ChemistryDefense Night Before Chemistry Thesis Defense1997

Part 10
Short titleLong TitleYear
ChildCustody Child Custody Night Before Christmas2002
ChildSupportLitigation Child Support Litigation Week Before Christmas2002
Chitlasha Night Before Chitlasha1995
ChristmasCard Christmas Card Night Before Christmas2003
ChristmasJoy True Christmas Joy1998
ChristmasLove Day Before Christmas (Christmas is Love)1998
ChristmasMemories Memories of Christmas2000
ChristmasOnMtOlympus(GreekGods) Christmas on Mt. Olympus1903
Cigar A Cigar from St. Nicholas1995
CoCo Night Before Christmas in Bit.Listserv.CoCo2001
CollinsGalasso Collins Galasso's Night Before Christmas1998
CommieClaus The Story of Commie Claus2003
Commotion Miriam Murdock's Night Before Christmas2000
Computer_StGeek A Visit from old St. Geek2004
ComputerHacker Hacker's Night Before Christmas1997
ComputerInput Input Process Before Christmas1997
ComputerIntel(PentiumBug) Intel Night Before Christmas (FDIV Pentium Bug )1990's
ComputerLinux Linux OS Night Before Christmas 2003

Part 11
Short titleLong TitleYear
ComputerMacromedia Macromedia Night Before Christmas2001
ComputerMailServer Mail Server Christmas2004
ComputerMicrosoft1 Microsoft Night Before Christmas (1)1990's
ComputerMicrosoft2 Microsoft Night Before Christmas (2)1998
ComputerMicrosoftAccess Microsoft Access Night Before Christmas2002
ComputerNetObjectsDiscussion NetObjects.Discussion Night Before Christmas1998
ComputerNetwork1 Night Before Computer Network Start-up1985
ComputerNetwork2 Net Before Christmas1991
ComputerNetwork3 Network Echo Before Christmas1990's
ComputerNetwork4 BBS Visit from Saint Nick1990's
ComputerNetworkologist Networkologist's Night Before Christmas1997
ComputerNew New Computer for Christmas2000
ComputerNightmare Computer Christmas Nightmare1997
ComputerProgrammer1 Computer Programmer Night Before Christmas1995
ComputerProgrammer2 The Byte Before Christmas1997
ComputerProgrammer3 Twas the Night Before Rollout (Implementation)1990's
ComputerProgrammer4 Night Before Due Date (Programming)1987
ComputerSpammer Computer Spammer Night Before Christmas2003

Part 12
Short titleLong TitleYear
ComputerStWozniak Visit from Saint Wozniak (Apple CEO)1997
ComputerSysOp Computer SysOp Night Before Christmas1998
ComputerSystem Twas the Byte Before Computing1997
ComputerUpgrade1 Computer Upgrade Night Before Christmas (1)1990's
ComputerUpgrade2 Computer Upgrade Night Before Christmas (2)2000
ComputerUpgrade3 Computer Upgrade Night Before Christmas (3)2002
ComputerUseNet UseNet Night Before Christmas1996
ComputerVirusWorm Worm Before Christmas1998
Cowboy1 A Cowboy's Christmas Eve2000's
Cowboy2 Cowboy Christmas1999
CowboyArizona An Arizona Christmas Eve1996
CrazyCoolYule1 One Crazy Cool Yule (1)1997
CrazyCoolYule2 One Crazy Cool Yule (2)1997
Cricket Rec.Sport.Cricket Night Before Christmas1997
CrimePetersonMurder Scott Peterson Night Before Night Before Christmas2003
Croatia Croatian Night Before Christmas2001

Part 13
Short titleLong TitleYear
CrossDressing Crossdressing Night Before Christmas2001
CrossroadsOfTwilight(RobertJordan) Crossroads of Twilight (tribute to Robert Jordan)2002
Cthulhu Twas the Call of Cthulhu1998
CyberspaceSanta Santa in Cyberspace2000
DaveBarry Dave Barry Night Before Christmas1997
Deadlines Night Before Deadlines1998
DepartmentStore Department Store Month Before Christmas1969
Depressed Depressed Night Before Christmas1997
Deryni(FantasyBook) A Deryni Night Before Christmas2001
Detectorist Detectorist's Night Before Christmas (Treasure Hunting)2001
Dictionary1 The Nocturnal Segment Preceding the Annual Yuletide Celebration (1)1970's
Dictionary2 The Nocturnal Segment Preceding the Annual Yuletide Celebration (2)1984
Diet1 A Dieter's Christmas (1)1997
Diet2 A Dieter's Christmas (2)1998

Part 14
Short titleLong TitleYear
Dirty01 Dirty/Foul Night Before Christmas (1)1996
Dirty02 Dirty/Foul Night Before Christmas (2)1990's
Dirty03 Dirty/Foul Night Before Christmas (3)2002
Dirty04 Dirty/Foul Night Before Christmas (4)1995
Dirty05 Dirty/Foul Night Before Christmas (5)2001
Dirty06 Dirty/Foul Night Before Christmas (6)1994
Dirty07 Dirty/Foul Night Before Christmas (7)2001
Dirty08 Dirty/Foul Night Before Christmas (8)2002
Dirty09 Dirty/Foul Night Before Christmas (9)2002
Dirty10 No Christmas This Year1997
Dirty11 Dirty/Foul Night Before Christmas (11)2003
DisasterChristmas Disaster Filled Night Before Christmas2000
Disease(Childhood) Childhood Disease Night Before Christmas2000
Disney Disney Night Before Christmas2002
DivorceeAndExWife Divorced Night Before Christmas1997
DJNicholas(RaveMusic) A Visit from DJ Nicholas1997
DorothyMailingList1 Dorothy L. Night Before Christmas (1)1997
DorothyMailingList2 Dorothy L. Night Before Christmas (2)1997

Part 15
Short titleLong TitleYear
DragonChristmasStory Dragon Christmas Story2002
DragonNightBeforeYule Dragon Night Before Yule2002
DragQueen Night Before X-mas at Oz2004
Drugs1 Drugged Night Before Christmas (1)1997
Drugs2 Drugged Night Before Christmas (2)2001
Drugs3 Drugged Night Before 4/202000
Drugs4 Drugged Night Before New Years1999
Drugs5 Ole Saint Nark1969
Drugs6 Marijuana Stash Night Before Christmas2004
DrumCorps Drum Corps Night Before Christmas1997
Drunk1 Drunk Night Before Christmas (1)1979
Drunk2 Drunk Night Before Christmas (2)1999
Drunk3 Drunk Night Before Christmas (3)1997
Drunk4 Drunk Night Before Christmas (4)1997
Drunk5 Drunk Night Before Christmas (1)1970s
DrunkVowToBeSober Anti-Drinking Night After Christmas1990's
Easter1 Night Before Easter1997
Easter2 Night Before Easter (2)2003
Ebonics1 De Nite Befo Crimmus (Ebonics version 1)1997
Ebonics2 De Nite Befo Crimmus (Ebonics version 2)2003

Part 16
Short titleLong TitleYear
ElfBowling Elf Bowling Night Before Christmas2000
Elvis1 Elvis Night Before Christmas (1)1997
Elvis2 Elvis Night Before Christmas (2)2002
England Night Before Christmas in England1932
FamilyAndRelativesFighting Fight Before Christmas1992
Fantasy Fantasy Night Before Christmas1998
Feminist Feminist's Night Before Christmas1997
Festivus Night Before Festivus (Seinfeld)2002
FinalXmas A Final Visit From Saint Nicholas (Santa Retires)1990's
Firefighter1 Firefighter Night Before Christmas (1)1990's
Firefighter2 Firefighter Night Before Christmas (2)1999
Firefighter3 Firefighter Night Before Christmas (3)2000
Fishing(BassFishing) Bass Fishing Night Before Christmas2000

Part 17
Short titleLong TitleYear
Florida1 Florida Night Before Christmas (1)1997
Florida2 Florida Night Before Christmas (2)1990's
Florida3 Florida Night Before Christmas (3)1996
Florida4 Florida Night Before Christmas (4)1997
Florida5 Florida Night Before Christmas (5)1997
Flu Flu Night Before Christmas2002
Football(Alabama) Alabama Football Night Before Christmas2002
Football(AntiDallasCowboys1) Night Before Playoffs (Anti Dallas Cowboys)1997
Football(AntiDallasCowboys2) Night Before Playoffs (Anti Dallas Cowboys 2)1998
Football(Browns) Night Before the Browns Game2003
Football(Buccaneers) Night of the Big Game (Buccaneers Football)2003
Football(DallasCowboys)1 Dallas Cowboys Night Before Christmas (1)2002
Football(DallasCowboys)2 Dallas Cowboys Night Before Christmas (2)2002
Football(DenverBroncos) Broncos Day Before Christmas2004
Football(GreenBayPackers) Green Bay Packer's Night Before Christmas2001
Football(Jets) Jets' Football Night Before Christmas1998
Football(KC_Chiefs) KC Chiefs Week Before Playoffs2003

Part 18
Short titleLong TitleYear
Football(OhioState) Night Before Tempe (Ohio State Football)2002
Football(PackersVsVikings) Packers vs. Vikings on First Day of December1997
Football(PittsburghSteelers) Night Before New England (Pittsburgh Steelers)1997
Football(Raiders) Raiders Night Before Christmas2002
Football(SEC_Conference) SEC Football2000
Football(SF-49ers) San Francisco 49ers Night Before Christmas1994
Football(StBowden1) A Visit from St. Bowden (Seminoles Football Coach)1997
Football(StBowden2) Seminoles Night Before Christmas1999
Football(Tennessee) Tennessee Football Night Before Christmas2001
Football(TexasA&M) Coach Fran Night Before Christmas (Texas A&M Football)2002
Football(Vikings1) Vikings Night Before Christmas2003
Football(Vikings2) Mossmas Christmas (Minnesota Vikings)2004
Football(Washington) The Night Before Washington-Ohio State Football Game2003
FootballRoseBowl Night Before the Rose Bowl (U Michigan)1997
FortCollinsNaziMoms Ode to the Nazi Moms of Fort Collins, CO2002
Forum Night Before Forum Graduation1998
French French Night Before Christmas1990's
Freud Freud's Night Before Christmas1996
FuelShortage Fuel Shortage Night Before Christmas1973
GameClassicArcade Classic Arcade Game Night Before Christmas2002
GameDiablo Diablo Night Before Christmas (Computer Game)2003

Part 19
Short titleLong TitleYear
GameDoom Night Before Doom (Computer Game)1994
GameDukeNukem1 Duke Nukem Night Before Christmas (1)1997
GameDukeNukem2 Duke Nukem Night Before Christmas (2)1999
GameEmpire Empire Night Before Christmas (Computer Game)2003
GameFalcon4(FlightSim)1 Night Before Falcon 4 (PC Flight-Sim Game)1998
GameFalcon4(FlightSim)2 Night After Falcon 4 Patch (PC Flight-Sim Game)1999
GameGrandPrixLegends(GPL) Grand Prix Legends (GPL) Christmas1999
GameLookingGlass Through the Looking Glass Night Before Christmas (PC Game)1998
GameMarathon Marathon Night Before Christmas (PC Game)1998
GameNintendo Nintendo's Christmas Poem2000
GamePacMan Pac-Man (and others) Night Before Christmas1998
GameProPilot Pro Pilot Week Before Christmas (PC Flight Sim)1997
GameQuake2 Quake2 Night Before Christmas1998
GameSuperBubbleBlob Super Bubble Blob Night Before Christmas2002
GameThief Thief Night Before Christmas (PC Game)2000

Part 20
Short titleLong TitleYear
GameUltimaOnline1 Ultima-Online Night Before Christmas (1)1998
GameUltimaOnline2 Ultima-Online Night Before Christmas (2)1998
GameUltimaOnline3 Ultima-Online Night Before Christmas (3)1998
GameZelda Night Before Zelda (Nintendo)1998
Gardening Night Before the Gardening Show1997
Gay1 Gay Night Before Christmas (1)1997
Gay2 Gay Night Before Christmas (2)1990's
Gay3 Gay Night Before Christmas (3)1990's
Gay4 Gay Night Before Christmas (4)2002
Genealogist Genealogist's Night Before Christmas1997
GeneralHospital1 General Hospital Night Before Christmas (1)1997
GeneralHospital2 General Hospital Night Before Christmas (2)1998
GeneralHospital3 General Hospital Night Before Christmas (3)2002
Geocities Geocities Night Before Christmas1998
German German-esque Night Before Christmas1996
GIJoe A Christmas visit from G.I. Joe1997
GolfJackNicklaus A Visit from Jack Nicklaus1982
Goofy The Goofy Night Before Christmas~2006

Part 21
Short titleLong TitleYear
Gothic Gothic Night Before Christmas1998
GratefulDead1 A Visit from Saint Jerry1990
GratefulDead2 Night Before a Grateful Dead Show2003
Guam Guam Night Before Christmas1990's
Guitars Night Before the Big Match (Guitars)1999
Guns1 Guns Night Before Christmas (1)1997
Guns2 Guns Night Before Christmas (1)1997
Guns3 Guns Night Before Christmas (3)1998
Halloween1 Twas Halloween Night (1)1996
Halloween2 Halloween Night (2)2003
Halloween3 Halloween meets Christmas2004
Halloween4 Twas Halloween Night (4)1998
Hanson Hanson Night Before Christmas1997
HawaiianChristmas Hawaiian Night Before Christmas2002
HecticSickChristmas Hectic Sick Weeks Before Christmas2000
Hippies Hippies' Night Before Christmas1990's

Part 22
Short titleLong TitleYear
Hispanic Night Before Chreemas (Hispanic/Mexican version)1997
Hockey(Bruins) Bruins Night Before Christmas1996
Hockey(Kings) LA-Kings Night Before Christmas2003
Hockey(MapleLeafs) MapleLeaf's Night Before Christmas (NHL Hockey)2001
HockeyLockout Lockout at Christmas2004
HogansHeroes Hogan's Heroes Night Before Christmas1998
HollyClaus Holly St. Nicholas - Santa's granddaughter1981
HomeBrew Home Brewer's Night Before Christmas1997
Homeless Homeless Night Before Christmas1997
Homeowner Home Owner's Night Before Christmas2000
Horror Horror Night Before Christmas1997
Horse Equestrian Night Before Christmas1997
HorseraceGambling Horserace Gambling Night Before Christmas (Ultra Pick 6)2002
HorseTreatment Horse Night Before Christmas2002
HotWheels Hotwheels Night Before Christmas1997
HouseRenovation House Reneovation Night Before Christmas2002
Hunting1 Hunting Night Before Christmas (1)2000
Hunting2 Hunting Night Before Christmas (2)2000
HyoJinMoon Hyo Jin Moon Night Before Christmas1997

Part 23
Short titleLong TitleYear
IceBowl Night Before Ice Bowl (Disc Golf)1998
Inflation The Effect Of Inflation On Santa1948
InnerCity Inner City Night Before Christmas1997
JapaneseTelevision An Xmas Ode on the Joys of Television2002
Jazz Jazz Music Night Before Christmas2000
JeffMacnelly(Shoe) Jeff Macnelly Night Before Christmas2000
Jehovah Jehovah Night Before Christmas1997
Jesus01 Jesus/God Night Before Christmas (1)1977
Jesus02 Jesus/God Night Before Christmas (2)2000
Jesus03 Jesus/God Night Before Christmas (3)2000
Jesus04 Jesus/God Night Before Christmas (4)2001
Jesus05 Jesus/God Night Before Christmas (5)1997
Jesus06 Jesus/God Night Before Christmas (6)2001
Jesus07 Jesus/God Night Before Christmas (7)2001
Jesus08 Jesus/God Night Before Christmas (8)2001
Jesus09 Jesus/God Night Before Christmas (9)2001
Jesus10 Jesus/God Night Before Christmas (10)2001
Jesus11 Jesus/God Night Before Christmas (11)1990's
Jesus12 Jesus/God Night Before Christmas (12)2000
Jesus13 Jesus/God Night Before Christmas (13)2001
JesusStableAnimals Jesus Nativity Animals Night Before Christmas2001

Part 24
Short titleLong TitleYear
JimmyBuffet1 Jimmy Buffet Night Before Christmas (1)1998
JimmyBuffet2 Jimmy Buffet Night Before Christmas (2)1998
Johnson Johnson Night Before Christmas1990's
Journalist Journalist Night Before Christmas1990's
JoyOfChristmas Joy of Christmas1997
Jump(Paratrooper) Jump Before Christmas2002
KitchenTiredCook Tired Cook's Night Before Christmas1998
Kosher Kosher Night Before Christmas (Jewish)1992
Kwanzaa1 Night Befo' Kwanzaa (1)1997
Kwanzaa2 Da Night Befo' Kwanzaa (Myth of Kwanzaa)2003
LaFemmeNikita Night Before Season 3 (of La-Femme Nikita)1998
LAPD LAPD Night Before Kwanzaa1998
Llamas Llama-Boys Go To Holiday Camp1998
Llandview Llandview Week Before Christmas (ABC Soap Opera)2001
London Night Before Christmas in London, England2003
LordKwanzaaChanukah1 Lord Kwanzaa's Dirty Night Before Chanukah (1)2002
LordKwanzaaChanukah2 Lord Kwanzaa's Dirty Night Before Chanukah (2)2002
LordKwanzaaChristmasTurkey Lord Kwanzaa's Christmas Turkey2002

Part 25
Short titleLong TitleYear
LordKwanzaaDrWho Lord Kwanzaa's Worst Night Before Christmas (with Dr. Who)2002
LordKwanzaaEaster1 Lord Kwanzaa's Night Befo Easter (In da Hood)2002
LordKwanzaaEaster2 Lord Kwanzaa's Night Before Easter (In Tijuana)2002
LordKwanzaaHalloween Lord Kwanzaa's Night Before Halloween2002
LordKwanzaaInDaHood Night Befo' Kwanzaa (2)2002
LordKwanzaaLewd Lord Kwanzaa's Lewd Night Before Halloween2002
LordKwanzaaThanksgiving Lord Kwanzaa's Night Before Thanksgiving2002
LordOfTheRings Lord of the Rings Night Vefore Christmas2002
LoreenaMcKennitt Loreena McKennitt's Night Before Christmas1997
LOTES LOTES Night Before Christmas1998
MailOrder Mail Order Week Before Christmas1999
Manson The Night of Marilyn Manson 1990's
MarchingBand Marching Band Night Before Nationals1995
Maxine Maxine Night Before Christmas (Grouchy Hallmark Char)1990's
Media Media (TV) Employee Night Before the Station2002
MedicalMercyFirst Mercy 1srt Main Night Before Christmas1980
MedicalOB OB Night Before Christmas1996
MedicalOstomy1 Visit from St. Ostomy1997
MedicalOstomy2 What a Night Before Christmas (Ostomy)1984
MedicalTriageNurse Triage Nurse's Night Before Christmas1990's

Part 26
Short titleLong TitleYear
Metallica Metallica Night Before Christmas1998
Metalworking Metalworking Night Before Christmas1998
Miami Miami Night Before christmas2001
MichaelJacksonTrial Michael Jackson Night Before Trial2004
MicrobialDiseases Microbial Night After Christmas1997
Microbiology Microbiology Night Before Christmas1996
MiddleEarth Night Before Christmas in Middle Earth (Lord of the Rings)2003
Migraine Migraine Before Christmas1997
Military01 Military Night Before Christmas1990's
Military02 A Soldier's Christmas2000
Military03 Navy Corpsman's Night Before Christmas1998
Military04 Navy Sailor's Night Before Christmas (1)1998
Military05 Navy Sailor's Night Before Christmas (2)2002
Military06 Submariner's Night Before Christmas2002
Military07 Night Before Armageddon (Waco Holocaust Museum)1997
Military08 Combat Jet Night Before Christmas1996
Military09 The Sands of Christmas2003
Military10(MarineSentry) Marine's Night Before Christmas2003

Part 27
Short titleLong TitleYear
Military11(AirForce_ThreeWire) Santa & the 3 Wire (Air Force)1998
Military12(Iraq) With Fidelity I Tread (Iraq 2005)2005
MilitaryDesertStorm Night Before Desert Storm1991
MilitaryFtCampbell Ft. Campbell Night Before Christmas1997
MilitaryStarWarsDefense Star Wars Defense System (shoots Santa)1997
MilitaryStealth Air/Missle Defense Christmas (shoots Santa)1996
Militia Militia Night Before Christmas1997
MiscHealthAlternative Misc.Health.Alternative Night Before Christmas1998
MiscWriting1 Misc.Writing Night Before Christmas (1)1997
MiscWriting2 Misc.Writing Night Before Christmas (2)1998
ModelAirplane Model Airplane Night Before Christmas2001
ModelRailroad1 Model Railroad Night Before Christmas (1)1997
ModelRailroad2 Model Railroad Night Before Christmas (2)2001
ModelRailroad3 Model Railroad Night Before Christmas (3)1997
Mom Mom's Night Before Christmas1990's
MooreCopied The Night Clement Clark Moore's Poem Was Copied1998

Part 28
Short titleLong TitleYear
Motorcycle1 Motorcycle Night Before Christmas2001
Motorcycle2 Motorcycle Night Before RaceDay1970's
Motorcycle3 Motorcycle Night Before Christmas (3)2002
Motorcycle4 Motorcycle Night Before Christmas (4)2003
MotorcycleHarley1 Harley Night Before Christmas (1)1997
MotorcycleHarley2 Harley Night Before Christmas (2)1997
MotorcycleHarley3 Harley Night Before Christmas (3)2001
MotorcycleHarley4 Harley Night Before Christmas (4)2002
MotorcycleHarley5 Harley Night Before Christmas (5)2002
MountainBike Mountain Bike Night Before Christmas1999
MouseGertrude Gertrude the Mouse Night Before Christmas2002
Moving Night Before Moving2000
MovingToKashmir Night Before Santa Moves to Kashmir2002
MrActual Mr. Actual's Night Before Christmas1998
MSPubCertExamMCSE1 Microsoft.Public.Cert.Exam.MCSE Night Before Christmas2002
MSPubCertExamMCSE2 Night Before MCSE Test Day2003

Part 29
Short titleLong TitleYear
MusicalLesMiserables Les Miserables (Musical) Night Before Christmas2002
MusicInterMixx InterMixx Night Before Christmas (Indie Music)2004
MusicOpera Opera Night Before Christmas1998
MusicSymphony(VonKarajan) Visit from von Karajan (Symphony Conductor)2004
NASA Nasa Night Before Christmas2001
Nascar1 Nascar Night Before Christmas (1)1997
Nascar2 Nascar Night Before Christmas (2)1997
Nascar3 Nascar Night Before Christmas (3)2000
Nascar4 Nascar Night Before Christmas (4)2002
Nascar5 Nascar Night Before Christmas (5)2002
Nascar6 Twas the Night Before Daytona (1)2002
Nascar7 Twas the Night Before Daytona (2)2002
Nascar8 Nascar Race Before Christmas1990's
NewlywedDiaper Newlywed Bride and Groom Diaper-Play before Christmas1998
NewsgroupSocks An Angkor Christmas (Newsgroup Socks)2003
NewsgroupTrolls Newsgroup Troll's Day Of Christmas2002
NewYears Night before New Year2003
NFGeneral Night Before Christmas on NF.General2003
NTVSloppyProgramming NTV's Night of Sloppy Programming2000

Part 30
Short titleLong TitleYear
NuclearEnergy Nuclear Energy Night Before Christmas2001
NuclearPower Merry Christmas from Saint Nuke (Nuclear Power)2003
Nudist Nudist Night Before Christmas1996
OhioBicycleFederation Ohio Bicycle Federation Night Before Christmas1998
Ojibwe Ojibwe Night Before Christmas (Native American Indian Tribe)2002
Oklahoma Oklahoma Christmas2004
OldAge Night Before Fiftieth Birthday2001
OnlineShopping Online Shopping Night Before Christmas2000
Oracle The Oracle's Night Before Christmas1997
Original A Visit From St. Nicholas (Original, unaltered version)1807
OriginalInGerman A Visit From St. Nicholas in German1990's

Part 31
Short titleLong TitleYear
OriginalPlusAsciiArt A Visit From St. Nicholas with Ascii Art2001
OriolesAndYankees Orioles and Yankees Night Before Christmas1997
Paintball PaintBall Night Before Christmas1995
Pantyhose Pantyhose Night Before Christmas1997
Parents Parent's Night Before Christmas2000
PartyNight1 Night of the Party (1)1998
PartyNight2 Night of the Party (2)1998
Patronet(ToddRundgren) TR-i PatroNet Night Before Christmas (Todd Rundgren)2002
PennsylvaniaDutch Pennsylvania Dutch Night Before Christmas1990's
PerennialChristmasParody1 Night Before the Perennial Xmas Parody (1)2002
PerennialChristmasParody2 Night Before the Perennial Xmas Parody (2)2002

Part 32
Short titleLong TitleYear
PetsCat1 A Cat's Night Before Christmas 91)1990's
PetsCat2 A Cat's Night Before Christmas (2)1998
PetsCat3 A Cat's Night Before Christmas (3)2002
PetsCat4 A Cat's Night Before Christmas (4)2002
PetsCat5 Penny the Cat's Night Before Christmas2002
PetsCat6 Night before Catmas1990's
PetsCat7 Saint Purry Night Before Christmas2003
PetsCat8 Cat/Dog Night Before Christmas2003
PetsChicken Night Before Chick-mas2004
PetsDog1 Night Before Dog-mas2001
PetsDog2 Dog's Night Before Christmas2002
PetsDog3 Watch Dog's Night Before Christmas1997
PetsDog4 Dalmatian Night Before Christmas1993
PetsDog5 Lonely Puppy Dog's Night Before Christmas1998
PetsDog6 Animal Shelter Night Before Christmas1990's
PetsRabbits1 Rabbits Night Before Christmas1997
PetsRabbits2 Bunny Slave Night Before Christmas2002

Part 33
Short titleLong TitleYear
Pinball1 Pinball Day After Christmas1995
Pinball2 Pinball Day Of Christmas2002
Pinball3 Pinball Night Before Christmas2003
PoetryComposition Poetry Composition Month Before Christmas2000
PoliceOfficer Police Officer Night Before Christmas2002
PolishSanta Polish Night Before Christmas1990's
PoliticallyCorrect1 Politically Correct Night Before Christmas1992
PoliticallyCorrect2 Politically Correct Night Before Christmas1997
PoliticallyCorrect3 Twas the Night Before Solstice (in the Co-Op)1995
PoliticallyCorrect4 Merry C*********S to all2002
Politics01 White House Night Before Christmas2000
Politics02 Government Shutdown in Week Before Christmas1990's
Politics1994 1994 Political Night Before Christmas1994
Politics1997 1997 Political Night Before Christmas1997

Part 34
Short titleLong TitleYear
Politics2000 Night After the 2000 Election (Bush vs. Gore)2000
Politics2000Voting1 Night Before 2000 Presidential Vote2000
Politics2000Voting2 Week Before Christmas (2000 Presidential Vote)2000
Politics2001Commentary 2001 Political Night Before Christmas2001
Politics2001Recession 2001 Recession Night Before Christmas2001
Politics2002Commentary 2002 Week Before Christmas2002
Politics2002RepublicanCriticism1 2002 Republican Night Before Christmas (1)2002
Politics2002RepublicanCriticism2 2002 Republican Night Before Christmas (2)2002
Politics2002SantaFired 2002 Politics Night Before Christmas (Santa Fired)2002
Politics2002Welfare 2002 Welfare Loss Night Before Christmas2002
Politics2003BushCriticism Night Before a Dubya Christmas2003
Politics2003BushSpaceSatire Dubya's Secret Plan for a Return to the Moon2003
Politics2003HowardDean1 Twas a Month Before Caucus (1)2003
Politics2003HowardDean2 Twas a Month Before Caucus (2)2003
Politics2003HowardDean3 Twas a Week and a Half before 20042003
Politics2003TomRidge The Ridge Who Stole Christmas2003
Politics2004WashingtonDC The night before DC2004
Politics2005SecurityState Night Before Xmas - Security State Version2005

Part 35
Short titleLong TitleYear
PoliticsAfghanistan1 Night Before Payback (in Afghanistan)2001
PoliticsAfghanistan2 Night Before Ramadan (in Afghanistan)2001
PoliticsAfghanistan3 Osama's Night Before Christmas2001
PoliticsBoiseIdaho Boise Week Before Christmas (Politics)2002
PoliticsClintonAndSaddam Bill and Saddam Night Before Christmas1997
PoliticsClintonImpeachment1 Night Before Clinton Impeachment (1)1998
PoliticsClintonImpeachment2 Night Before Clinton Impeachment (2)1998
PoliticsClintonImpeachment3 Night Before Clinton Impeachment (3)1998
PoliticsClintonImpeachment4 Night Before Clinton Impeachment (4)1998
PoliticsClintonImpeachment5 Night Before Clinton Impeachment (5)1998
PoliticsClintonImpeachment6 Night Before Clinton Impeachment (6)1998
PoliticsClintonImpeachment7 Night Before Clinton Impeachment (7)1998
PoliticsClintonZippergate Night Before Saint Bubba (Clinton)1998
PoliticsCuba Night Before Christmas in Cuba2003

Part 36
Short titleLong TitleYear
PoliticsIraq1 Iraq Night Before Christmas (1)2002
PoliticsIraq2 Iraq Night Before Christmas (2)2002
PoliticsIraq3 Iraq Night Before Christmas (3)2002
PoliticsIraq4 Iraq Night Before Christmas (4)2002
PoliticsIraq5 Night Before War (Iraq)2003
PoliticsIraq6 Night Before Reckoning (Iraq)2003
PoliticsIraq7 Iraq Night Before Christmas (7)2003
PoliticsIraq8 Iraq Christmas Poem (Santa Arrested)2003
PoliticsIraqSaddamCapture1 A Saddam Christmas Story2003
PoliticsIraqSaddamCapture2 Night Before Capture (Saddam/Iraq)2003
PoliticsIraqSaddamCapture3 Two Weeks Before Christmas (Saddam/Iraq)2003
PoliticsIraqSaddamCapture4 The Night Before Christmas (Saddam/Iraq)2003
PoliticsIraqSaddamCapture5 The Nab Before Christmas (Saddam/Iraq)2003
PoliticsLiberalDisapproval Liberal Disapproval Night Before Christmas2004

Part 37
Short titleLong TitleYear
PoliticsLibertarian Libertarian Night Before Christmas2002
PoliticsLibertarian1 Libertarian Night Before New Years1997
PoliticsLibertarian2 Libertarian Night Before Christmas2002
PoliticsNYC New York City Politics Night Before Christmas1994
PoliticsPanama(Noriega) Night Before Christmas '89 in Panama1989
PoliticsRossPerot Visit from St. Hick (Perot)1993
Polygamist A Polygamist Night before Christmas 2001
Postman Postman's Night Before Christmas1998
PrincessDi Princess Di Accident Photographer1998
Prison1 Prison Night Before Christmas (Lock up St. Nick)1998
Prison2 A Prison Christmas2000

Part 38
Short titleLong TitleYear
ProWrestling1 Professional Wrestling Night Before Christmas (1)1997
ProWrestling2 Professional Wrestling Night Before Christmas (2)1997
ProWrestling3 Professional Wrestling Night Before Christmas (3)1998
ProWrestling4 Professional Wrestling Night Before Christmas (4)1998
ProWrestling5 Night before Hulkmas2000
ProWrestling6 Black Night Before Christmas (Pro Wrestling)2002
ProWrestling7 Goldberg's Night Before Christmas (Pro Wrestling)2003
ProWrestling8 Professional Wrestling Night Before Christmas (8)2003
ProWrestling9 Professional Wrestling Night Before Christmas (9)2003
PunkRock Punk Rock Night Before Christmas1999
Racquetball Racquetball Night Before Nationals2001
RadioAntique Radio Collectors Night Before Christmas2003
RadioHam1 Ham Radio Night Before Christmas (1)1996
RadioHam2 Ham Radio Night Before Christmas (2)1997
RadioHam3 Ham Radio Night Before Christmas (3)2001
RadioHam4 Ham Radio Night Before Christmas (4)2003
RailroadAtlanticCoastLine Atlantic Coast Line Night Before Christmas2003

Part 39
Short titleLong TitleYear
RailRoadUnionPacific Union Pacific Night Before Christmas1997
Ramadan1 Night Before Ramadan (1)1997
Ramadan2 Night of Ramadan (Lailatul-Qadr)1990's
Rapper Da Night Befo' Christmas, Hey, Ho! (Rappin' Version)1997
Realtor Realtor's Night Before Christmas1990's
RecArtsComics1 Rec.Arts.Comics Night Before Christmas1998
RecArtsComics2 Rec.Arts.Comics Night Before Christmas (2)1997
RecArtsMystery Rec.Arts.Mystery Night Before Christmas1999
RecAutoMakersSaturn Rec.Auto.Makers.Saturn Night Before Christmas1997
RecBackcountry Rec.Backcountry Night Before Christmas2002
RecCollectingCoins Rec.Collecting.Coins Night Before Christmas2000
RecFoodCooking Rec.Food.Cooking Night Before Christmas1998
RecMusicArtistsQueensryche Rec.Music.Artists.Queensryche Night Before Rychemas1997
RecMusicMakersPiano1 Rec.Music.Makers.Piano Night Before Christmas (1)1998
RecMusicMakersPiano2 Rec.Music.Makers.Piano Night Before Christmas (2)1998
RecMusicMakersTrumpet Rec.Music.Makers.Trumpet Night Before Christmas2001
RecMusicPhish Rec.Music.Phish Night Before Christmas1998
RecOutdoorsRV-Travel Rec.Outdoors.RV-Travel Night Before Christmas2001
RecoveredPedophile Recovered Pedophile Night Before Christmas2000
RecoveryAlcoholicsAnonymous Alcoholics Anonymous Night Before Christmas1997

Part 40
Short titleLong TitleYear
RecoveryNarcoticsAnonymous Night Before Christmas Recovery Style2004
RecPetsCatsCommunity Night Before Christmas in Rec.Pets.Cats.Community2002
RecRadioCB1 Rec.Radio.CB Night Before Christmas (1)2001
RecRadioCB2 Rec.Radio.CB Night Before Christmas (2)1997
RecRadioCB3 CB Radio Night Before Christmas1997
RecSportTableTennis Rec.Sport.Table-Tennis Night Before Election2002
Redneck1 Redneck Night Before Christmas (1)1990's
Redneck2 Night After Christmas (Redneck Version)1998
Redneck3 Redneck Night Before Christmas (3)1998
Redneck4 Redneck Night Before Christmas (4)1990's
Redneck5 Redneck Night Before Christmas (5)1998
Redneck6 Tennesee Redneck Night Before Christmas1998
Redneck7 Redneck Night Before Christmas (7)2003
Rehab Night Before Rehab2001
RoadRage Road Rage Night Before Xmas2002
RockClimbing Rock Climbing Night Before Christmas2002
RockyHorrorPictureShow Rocky Horror Picture Show2002
RollerCoaster Roller Coast Night Before Christmas1997
RossHendry(TUWS) TUWS Weekend Before Christmas2001
RudolphGone Myster of Rudolph (Rudolph Stew)1997

Part 41
Short titleLong TitleYear
RudolphsNightOff Rudolph's Night Off1997
RV RV Night Before Christmas2002
SallyClaus Sally Claus Night Before Christmas1990's
Samhain Night Before Samhain (Celtic New Year, October 31)1999
SantaRobbery1 Santa Robbery Two Nights Before Christmas2000
SantaRobbery2 Santa Robbery Night Before Christmas (in da 'hood)~2000
SaudiArabia Saudia Arabia Night Before Christmas (Gulf War)1997
Scalpers Scalper's Night Before Christmas (Toy Cars)1997
School Night Before School Started1998
SchoolDaze Daze Before Christmas (at School)2002
SchoolFinals1 Night Before Finals1990's
SchoolFinals2 Night Before the Final2000
SchoolFinals3 Night Before Exams2002
SchoolOrals Night Before Orals1990's
SchoolSpecialNeedsChildren Special Needs Children Night Before Christmas2002
SchoolWeekBeforeChristmas Week Before Christmas at School1990's
ScienceFiction Science Fiction Night Before Christmas1980's
SciMedDiseasesLyme1 Sci.Med.Diseases.Lyme Night Before Christmas (1)1996
SciMedDiseasesLyme2 Sci.Med.Diseases.Lyme Night Before Christmas (2)2000

Part 42
Short titleLong TitleYear
SciSpaceHistory Sci.Space.History Night Before Christmas2000
Scrapping Scrapbook Night Before Christmas2002
ScubaDive Scuba Dive Before Christmas2000
ScubaSantaJaws A Visit From Santa Jaws1999
Seder Night After Seder (Jewish)2000
Seniors Senior's Night Before Christmas2005
Sewing1 Cross Stitch Night Before Christmas (1)1995
Sewing2 Cross Stitch Night Before Christmas (2)1997
Sewing3 Cross Stitch Night Before Christmas (3)2000
Sewing4 Cross Stitch Night Before Christmas (4)2002
Sewing5 Night Before SOXS (Spirit of Cross Stitch)1999
Sewing6 Quilter's Night Before Christmas (1)1998
Sewing7 Quilter's Night Before Christmas (2)1988

Part 43
Short titleLong TitleYear
Sexual1 Sexual Night Before Christmas (1)1990's
Sexual2 Sexual Night Before Christmas (2)1997
Sexual3 Sexual Night Before Christmas (3)1997
Sexual4 Sexual Night Before Christmas (4)1998
Sexual5 Sexual Night Before Christmas (5)1999
Sexual6 Sexual Night Before Christmas (6)2001
Sexual7 Sexual Night Before Christmas (7)2002
SexualBondage1 Bondage Night Before Christmas (1)2001
SexualBondage2 Bondage Night Before Christmas (2)2002
SexualCyberSex Cyber Sex Night Before Christmas1997
SexualHondaAndVixen Honda and Vixen Night Before Christmas2001
SexualLeather The Fright before Christmas1999
SexualSheep Ballad of Joey the Sheepf--ker2002
SexualTorture Torture Night Before Christmas1997
Shopping1 Night Before Christmas Shopping ()1996
Shopping2 Night Before Christmas Shopping (2)1997
Shopping3 Durham Shopping Two Weeks before Christmas2000
Shopping4 Shopping Day Before Christmas2003
Sick Sick/Demented Night Before Christmas1999
SingleDad Single Dad's Lonely Night Before Christmas1997

Part 44
Short titleLong TitleYear
Skiing1 Skiing Night Before Christmas (1)1997
Skiing2 Skiing Night Before Christmas (2)2002
SkiingEpic Epic Skiing Weekend Before Christmas1997
Skydiving Skydiving Night Before Christmas1998
SmokingNicoBeast Nicotine Night Before Christmas1998
SmokingStNic St. Nic (Stop Smoking)2004
Snoopy Snoopy's Christmas2000
Snow Night Before Snow2001
Snowmobile1 Snowmobile Night Before Christmas (1)1998
Snowmobile2 Snowmobile Night Before Christmas (2)2001
Soccer Soccer Night Before Christmas2003
SocCultureIrish Soc.Culture.Irish Night Before Christmas1999
SocSexualitySpanking1 Soc.Sexuality.Spanking Night Before Christmas (1)1998
SocSexualitySpanking2 Soc.Sexuality.Spanking Night Before Christmas (2)2004
SocSingles Soc.Singles Ten Nights Before Christmas2001

Part 45
Short titleLong TitleYear
Spaceship Spaceship Night Before Christmas1998
Spanglish Spanglish Night Before Christmas2004
SpankMag Spank! Magazine's Night Before Christmas1998
SpodeFest Night Before SpodeFest1998
Spoonless Spoonless Night Before Christmas2002
Sports2002 2002 Sports Night Before Christmas2002
SquareDance Square Dance Class Before Christmas1998
Stanford Stanford University Night Before Christmas1997
StarTrekEnterprise Star Trek Enterprise Night Before Christmas2001
StarTrekOrig1 Star Trek Original Series Night Before Christmas (1)1997
StarTrekOrig2 Star Trek Original Series Night Before Christmas (2)1991
StarTrekTNG1 Star Trek Next Generation Night Before Christmas (1)1996
StarTrekTNG2 Star Trek Next Generation Night Before Christmas (2)1996
StarTrekTNG3 Star Trek Next Generation Night Before Christmas (3)1994
StarTrekVoyager1 Star Trek Next Voyager Night Before Christmas (1)1997
StarTrekVoyager2 Star Trek Next Voyager Night Before Christmas (2)1997

Part 46
Short titleLong TitleYear
StBobafett(StarwarsMisc) Star Wars Bobafett Night Before Christmas1998
SteveSaka Steve Saka Cuban Cigar Christmas1997
Stoner Stoner Night Before Christmas (70's Hallmark Card)1970's
StRex(UtahStatePresident) Visit from St. Rex (Utah State Pres.)1992
SwedishClellanCard1 Swedish Night before Christmas by Clellan Card (1)1938
SwedishClellanCard2 Swedish Night before Christmas by Clellan Card (2)1964
Syntek Syntek Systems Corp Night Before Christmas2002
Tardis(DrWho) Dr. Who's Tardis Christmas1997
Teacher Night Before Christmas Baking for teachers1997
TechnologyToys Technology Toy Night Before Christmas2000
TechSupport Tech Support Night Before Christmas1999
Texas1 Texas Night Before Christmas (1)1997
Texas2 Texas Night Before Christmas (2)2002
TexMex Tex-Mex Night Before Christmas1972

Part 47
Short titleLong TitleYear
Thanksgiving1 Night Before Thanksgiving1997
Thanksgiving2 Night Before Thanksgiving (2)1998
Thanksgiving3 Night Before Thanksgiving (3)1998
Thanksgiving4 Night Before Thanksgiving (4)2002
Transformers1 Transformers Night Before Christmas (1)1997
Transformers2 Transformers Night Before Christmas (2)1997
Triathlon Triathlon Night Before Christmas1997
TVShowAmericanIdol American Idol Night Before christmas1998
TVShowAngel Angelesque Night Before Christmas2003
TVShowAnimaniacs Animaniacs Day Before Christmas 1990's
TVShowBabylon5_1 Babylon 5 Night Before Christmas1998
TVShowBabylon5_2 Babylon 5 Night Before Christmas (2)1990's
TVShowBuffy1 Night Before the Apocalypse (Buffy TV Show)2002
TVShowBuffy2 Buffy Night Before Christmas2003
TVShowBundy1 Al Bundy Christmas (1)1996
TVShowBundy2 Al Bundy Christmas (2)1997
TVShowDavidDuchovny(X-files) David Duchovny Night Before Christmas1998
TVShowEmergency Emergency (TV Show) Night Before Christmas2002
TVShowER Night to Watch ER (TV Show)2000

Part 48
Short titleLong TitleYear
TVShowLateShow(Letterman)1 My Night at the Late Show (Letterman)1998
TVShowLateShow(Letterman)2 My Night at the Late Show (Letterman) - 2002 Edition2002
TVShowLoisNClark Twas after the episode of Lois-n-Clark (TV Show)1997
TVShowMASH MASH (TV Show) Night Before Christmas2002
TVShowMysteryScienceTheater3000(MST3K)1 Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K) Night Before Christmas (1)1998
TVShowMysteryScienceTheater3000(MST3K)2 Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K) Night Before Christmas (2)2001
TVShowSNL Chris Farley's Night Before Christmas1993
TVShowUFO The UFO Incident Before Christmas2004
TVShowXena(Callisto) Callisto who Stole Christmas (Xena)1997
TVShowXena1 Xena Night Before Christmas (1)1996
TVShowXena2 Xena Night Before Christmas (2)1998
TVShowXFiles1 X-Files Night Before Christmas1997
TVShowXFiles2 Night Of the X-Files Premiere2000
TVShowXFiles3 Night After Redux (X-Files Episode)1997
TWA TWA Airline Disaster1997
UKGamesVideoMisc Night Before Christmas in UK.Games.Video.Misc2003

Part 49
Short titleLong TitleYear
UkRecSheds Night Before Chrimbo in Uk.Rec.Sheds2002
Unabomber Unabomber Night Before Christmas1997
UNCSupport Unc.Support Night Before Scott Left1998
UnsocialChild Ode to an Unsocial Child2003
Urban2 Urban Night Before Christmas2004
UrbanRendition Urban Rendtion of Night Before Christmas (Santa Arrested)2002
UticaCrime Utica Crime Night Before Christmas1998
Vegas Night Before Vegas1998
Vegetarian Rice University Veggie Club Carol2003
VictoryMission Victory Mission Christmas1990's
Viking Viking Night Before Christmas1998
Visa(Immigration) Visa (Immigration) Night Before Christmas1999
Warhammer Warhammer Night Before Christmas1997
WashingtonDC(MarionBarry) Marrion Barry's Night Before christmas1990's
WebTVUpgrade Night Before Web TV Upgrade2000
WeekBeforeChristmasAtHome Week Before Christmas At Home2002
WeekBeforeChristmasShopping Week Before Christmas1998
Western(Wyoming) Western Night Before Christmas (Wyoming)2002
WhiteTrash White Trash Night Before Christmas2002
WifeDreamGifts Wife's Night Before Christmas1990's

Part 50
Short titleLong TitleYear
WindSurfing Windsurfer's Night Before Christmas (1)2001
Windsurfing2 Windsurfer's Night Before Christmas (2)2002
Witchcraft Witchcraft Night After Blood Moon2000
Worms Christmas Worms1996
WPG WPG Night Before Christmas2002
WWW.Santa.Com Night Before Santa.com1999
XXXPicture XXX Picture Before Christmas1997
Y2K1 Night Before Y2K (1)1999
Y2K2 Night Before Y2K (2)1999
Y2K3 Night Before Y2K (3)1999
Y2K4 Night Before Y2K (4)1999
Y2K5 Week after Christmas (Y2K)2000
Yooper1 Yooper Night Before Christmas1990's
Yooper2 Yooper Night Before da Christmas1991
Yuppie1 Yuppie Night Before Christmas (1)1997
Yuppie2 Yuppie Night Before Christmas (1)1998
Zepmas(LedZepellin) Night Before Zepmas (Led Zepellin)1998
Zogmas Night before Zogmas2003

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