Dr. Monroe's research involves development of algorithms and software for custom and automated analysis of proteomics and bioinformatics data, including managing and summarizing the large volumes of data generated. His areas of expertise include microcolumn liquid chromatography, LC-MS/MS of peptides and proteins using Q-TOF mass spectrometry, and analytical instrumentation design and automation. Dr. Monroe has over 15 years of programming experience, specializing in software design using Visual Basic .NET, LabView, and relational databases including Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access.


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

University of Wyoming, Laramie, WY

  • ACS Certified B.S. in Chemistry, May 1997

Laramie Senior H.S., Laramie, WY

  • Valedictorian, May 1993


Computational Scientist, 2003-present

  • Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Richland, WA
  • Post doctoral associate, 2002-2003

    • Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
      Dr. Richard D. Smith, advisor
    • Wrote custom software for data mining applications. Facilitated scientific researchers with advanced data analysis/data mining tasks. Managed the SQL-Server based data processing system, including server maintenance/upgrades, database design, and stored procedure creation/maintenance.

    Undergraduate Chemistry Research Assistant, 1994-1997

    • University of Wyoming, Chemistry Department; Laramie, WY
      Dr. Patrick Sullivan, advisor
    • Investigated the photochemical effects of halocarbon pollutants on the natural iron cycle of freshwaters.

    Office Assistant, 1993-1997

    • University of Wyoming, Speech Pathology/Audiology Dept.; Laramie, WY
      Claoma Woodall, supervisor
    • Specialized in writing customized computer applications and Access databases, computer maintenance, and computer instruction.


    Chemistry Laboratory Research Techniques and Instrumentation

    • Mass Spectrometry: LC-ESI-TOF MS and Q-TOF MS/MS
    • Microcolumn Liquid Chromatography
    • Proteomics
    • Instrumentation design, integration, and automation including machining

    Computer Skills


    Instrumentation and Application Development Involving Microcolumn Liquid Chromatography Coupled to Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry

    • Developed a protocol for isolation and purification of small peptides and hormones in human blood serum and blood plasma using solid phase extraction and size exclusion chromatography.
    • Developed a method to separate, digest, and identify the isolated peptides and hormones using microcolumn LC/ESI-MS and LC/ESI-MS/MS in conjunction with custom analysis software.
    • Collaborated with Kamlesh Patel to automate operation and data collection from a dual-syringe UHPLC system utilizing laser-induced-fluorescence and ESI-MS detection. Currently interfacing system with Q-TOF MS/MS to obtain high resolution, multi-dimensional separations.
    • Completed numerous software design projects including a MassLynx Data Analyzer (VB), Molecular Weight Calculator (VB), Peak Capacity Finder (LabView), Stripchart Recorder-type data acquisition package (LabView), and automated mass spectral data analysis package (Igor Pro).
    • Designed and constructed a software controlled, CO2 laser-based capillary puller for automated, reproducible pulling of electrospray needles.
    • Trained various co-workers in the use and maintenance of mass spectrometry systems.


    • Graduate Level Electronics Lab, 1998;
      UNC Chemistry Department, Dr. Wightman
    • Introductory Chemistry Lab, 1997;
      UNC Chemistry Department, Dr. Jicha, supervisor
    • Undergraduate Chemistry Majors Lab, 1997;
      UW Chemistry Department, Dr. Harris, supervisor
    • Undergraduate Chemistry Lab, 1996;
      UW Chemistry Department, Dr. Lew Noe, supervisor


    • R&D 100 Award Recipient for the Combined Orthogonal Mobility & Mass Evaluation Technology (CoMet) platform, 2013
    • American Chemical Society Member since 1993
    • Francis P. Venable Fellowship, 1997-1998
    • Phi Beta Kappa membership, 1997
    • American Chemical Society Student Affiliate, President, 1996-1997
    • R. Owen Asplund Award for Outstanding Academic Performance, 1996
    • Summer EPSCoR Fellowship Recipient, 1995 & 1996
    • Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship Recipient, 1995-1997
    • College of A&S Independent Study Fellowship, 1994
    • Outstanding Freshman Chemistry Major Award, 1994
    • UW Western Thunder Marching Band Member, 1993-1996
    • Dean's or Provost's lists, 1993-1997
    • UW Trustee's Academic Scholarship Recipient, 1993-1997


    In addition to programming, I enjoy cross country skiing, performing vocal and instrumental music, and attending all varieties of cultural programs.

    This resume is available on-line at Included are links to many of the people listed on this resume, plus screen shots and working versions of the programs and databases I have written.