Molecular Weight Calculator

The Molecular Weight Calculator calculates a molecule's molecular weight (or formula weight), and the molecule's percent composition, displaying the results for up to 20 compounds simultaneously. The program also supports amino acids, including predicting the theoretical b and y or c and z ions that could be created by MS/MS dissociation. The program is available for Windows (XP/7/8).

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I develop analysis software and utilities for the proteomics group at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. See our GitHub page for the source code of many of the applications.

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Dart Scorekeeper

The Dart Scorekeeper is a fairly old, yet still functional, program for aiding dart (Cricket) players to keep track of scoring and game statistics when playing the games of Cricket, 301, or Golf. It supports up to 6 teams of two players each, includes modes for both cut-throat and polite scoring, and ranks players based on a unique algorithm that takes player strengths and recent games played into account. The software includes a graphical representation of the dart board plus the ability to play sounds for each player and important events (customizable).

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