Molecular Weight Calculator , by Matthew Monroe

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The Molecular Weight Calculator was initially written to allow chemists to find the molecular weights of a given formula. It's unique feature was a friendly interface, the ability to compute and display weights for multiple compounds simultaneously, and proper handling of parentheses, isotopes, and user-defined abbreviations.

Additional features have been added over the years, including: the Formula Finder, wherein users can enter a specific molecular weight and have the program search for empirical formulas that match that weight; a Mole/Mass/Dilution convertor to simplify computations involving weights, volumes, and dilutions; a Capillary Flow Calculator to predict flow in capillaries (open and packed); an Amino Acid One to Three Letter Convertor, and a Peptide Sequence Fragmentation Modeler and Spectral Prediction module.

Editing Abbreviations
Formula Finder
Mole/Mass/Dilution Converter
Capillary Flow and Mass Rate Calculator
Amino Acid Notation Converter
Peptide Sequence Fragmentation Modeller
Isotopic Distribution Modeller

The program also supports international languages, allowing users to edit text files with foreign language equivalents of all of the text phrases in the program. Additionally, the program also supports commas as decimal points in addition to the U.S. standard of periods as decimal points.

Program with German Text

I have been actively developing this software since 1995, receiving ideas for improvements from users around the world. Although first written for Dos, I converted it to Win 3.x in 1996 and Windows 9x/NT in 1997. The program also runs on Windows 2000/ME/XP. You may run this program by downloading the setup file listed on the Molecular Weight Calculator for Windows 9x/NT/00/ME/XP page.

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Last Modified August 3, 2003