Amino Acid Notation Converter

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The Amino Acid Converter can be used to convert sequences of amino acid residues between 1 and 3 letter notation. I added this feature because the main program window only supports 3 letter amino acid abbreviations, but sequences obtained via web searches of sequence databases are typically in one letter notation. Use the arrow buttons to convert either direction.

When converting a sequence, if a 1 letter abbreviation is not recognized then 'Xxx' will be shown it its place in the 3 letter window. Conversely, if a 3 letter sequence is not recognized, then 'X' will be shown in its place. Only amino acid abbreviations may be entered for conversion -- do not include the initial H or OH in the 3 letter abbreviation.

The sequence shown in the 3 letter textbox can be copied to the main program window using the "Copy 3 letter sequence" button. When copying, an H is added to the beginning of the sequence and an OH to the end. This is necessary to obtain the correct molecular weight of the peptide chain.

Use the dropdown box to select which formula to copy the sequence to. The default formula number is set to one more than the highest formula number that exists in the main window, unless the maximum number of formulas already exists, in which case it is set to the highest number.

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