Summary of Keystrokes

F1 displays help
F2 copies the current formula to a blank line
F3 toggles the abbreviation mode
F4 toggles the case recognition mode
F5 erases all the formulas
F6 erases the current formula
F7 toggles the caution mode on and off
F8 toggles the view mode between Multi and Single
F9 toggles whether or not a new formula is created after calculating
F10 highlights the menu bar (Windows-defined Key)
F11 toggles the percent solver on and off
F12 toggles the standard deviation display mode
Enter selects the calculate button or sets the selected percent
ESC and Alt+F4 Exit the Program
Ctrl+A Selects all of the text (or number) in the text box that the cursor is located in
Ctrl+C copies text.
Ctrl+D Displays the isotopic distribution for the current formula.
Ctrl+E Converts a formula into an Empirical Formula.
Ctrl+F loads the formula finder.
Ctrl+L loads the math calculator.
Ctrl+M loads the mole/mass converter.
Ctrl+N loads the amino acid notation nonverter.
Ctrl+O loads the Program Preferences Window (also loads the Finder Options Window in the Formula Finder)
Ctrl+P brings up the Peptide Sequence Fragmentation Modelling window.
Ctrl+R copies text as RTF.
Ctrl+T loads the change font window.
Ctrl+U automatically copies the current formula's molecular weight value to the clipboard after each calculation
Ctrl+V pastes text.
Ctrl+W copies the current molecular weight.
Ctrl+X cuts text.
Ctrl+Z undo feature to restore the currently selected formula or text box to the value it had when first entered

The up and down arrow keys are used to move among the formulas

Page Up, Page Down, and Tab may be used to navigate to the percents

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