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The Molecular Weight Calculator now includes the built-in math calculator that was present in the Dos Version. This is a simple calculator where you can enter expressions to evaluate. Valid operators are +, -, *, and / for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, plus ^ for raising a number to a power. The calculator also supports the use of parentheses, including assuming multiplication for numbers directly before or after parentheses, for example 3(4+3) means 3*(4+3).

The calculator follows operator precedence rules appropriately, computing the results of expressions in parentheses, then raising numbers to a power, followed by multiplication and division, then addition and subtraction. Simply enter the expression, then press the calculate button (or press enter) to compute the result. You can leave the math calculator window open while switching to any other window.


Expression Result Note
8+7/3 10.3333 7/3 is performed, then the result added to 8
3.14159*.03^2 2.8274E-3 which is the same as 0.0028274
50.4382*8.5/.001-45*23+87 427776.7
6(5-2/5)^3 584.016 Computes 5-2/5, then cubes, then takes times 6

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