The Help Menu

Location: Main Window MenuBar

With the help menu you can see an overview of the program, search the index for a specific topic, or view an about box listing information about the program and the author.

Additionally, the Show Tool Tips command can be used to turn off or on the display of tool tips on various controls throughout the program. Tool tips are pop-up tips that appear when you point at a control with the mouse pointer without moving (or clicking) for one second. I have placed these tips throughout the program at places where I think they will be useful in helping users learn about the various features of the program.

For example, if you hold the mouse over the status line at the bottom of the main screen, a tool tip will appear telling you that you can "Double click the status line to expand it" and thus see the entire line in case part of it gets cut off. You can remove the check mark from beside Show Tool Tips by selecting the menu item, causing the tool tips to no longer be displayed throughout the program.

By choosing Save Options as Defaults on the Preferences Page, you can save this option in the MWTWIN.INI file. This option is also saved when the Autosave feature is turned on.

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