International Language Support

Location: Options Menu

The program now includes support for international languages. Language information files for Spanish, German, Portuguese, and Russian are included with the program. To switch to a new language, select Choose Language from the Options Menu and choose the new language. In addition, the program examines your International Locale settings to determine if your decimal point is a period or a comma.

All text phrases in the program, including menus, labels, dropdown boxes, and messages can be translated into any Roman or Cyrillic based language by creating a new Lang.Ini file for your desired language. First, copy the Lang_English.Ini file to a new file and name it based on your language. For example, the Spanish version is Lang_Spanish.ini

Each text phrase or control caption is identified by a unique number. You can edit your new .Ini file to translate all of the English phrases to your desired language. Note that the program examines all of the Lang*.ini files in the program directory to create the list of available languages, obtaining the name of the language from the key Language=    See the text at the start of the Lang_English.ini file for additional instructions

If you do create a Lang.Ini file for a language not included with the distribution of this program, please e-mail it to me so that I may distribute it with the next version. Even if you only translate some of the phrases (with the menus being most important) I would definitely appreciate receiving a copy of the file.

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